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Desires and Ego

The base of any desire is Ego. Without the platform of the ego, one can never have a desire to possess certain thing. Desire is the expression of the ego […]

The Battle has begun

Dear Editor The editorial of today’s DNA issue (8th January) is possibly the most lopsided editorial I have ever read, at least from the editorial board of DNA and believe […]

Encyclopedia of Indian rituals

I am a strong believer in Indian cultural traditions and strongly suspect that there is a science behind every ritual that is followed over a period of many ages. The […]

Interview at Maheswar- Maha SomaYag

Agnihotra and Maha Somayag

Radio Interview at Chicago

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The Touch of the Master`s hand

Dear Sadhaks, Jai Gurudev. I happened to read the following text in one of the editions of  “The Chcken Soup for the Soul” which I am sure you will find […]

Power of Limits and Limits of Power

Dear Sadhaks, Jai Gurudev Here is an insight for you to ponder over. ** *Man the Clever Undoer of Himself* God has provided everything for you in limits. A limited […]

Laws of Life

Dear Sadhaks, Jai Gurudev. Here is another interesting viewpoint. “There are two laws of life- Contraction and Expansion. The contraction of your personality makes you selfish. You can not grow. […]

About Ego

Dear Sadhaks, Jai Gurudev. Here is a nice text on Ego from one of Swami Rama’s quotes. I am sure you will enjoy. ” Ego loves to say “NO”. It […]