Encyclopedia of Indian rituals

I am a strong believer in Indian cultural traditions and strongly suspect that there is a science behind every ritual that is followed over a period of many ages. The modern world and the psuedo modern people laugh at that as as they are not aware about that science. The answer is not discarding the rituals but understanding the science.  I have launched a program to create an encyclopedia of such rituals with scientific principles and practices. The second step obviously will be to understand whether such practices can be followed today in the same form or in modified forms, with an idea to have a better life.

I just saw yesterday on one of the TV channels a news clipping showing that the scientists have found out that sleeping on the left side of the body immediately after meals make digestion more efficient. It has been proved by these scientists now that one can get rid of acidity, gastric problems etc. Do you know now why our ancestors have been talking about lying on left side of the body immediately after meals? That was called Vamakukshi. (Vama= Left) Kukshi (Side of the body). I am sure with the scientists saying that now people will follow this. But when the ancient wisdom said that we laughed at such ideas. Does it mean that our minds are still in bondage of western culture though physically we say that we are a free nation?


With deep regards

Ajit Telang