Power of Limits and Limits of Power

Dear Sadhaks,

Jai Gurudev

Here is an insight for you to ponder over.

*Man the Clever Undoer of Himself*

God has provided everything for you in limits. A limited human body and
senses need limited powers. Powers beyond one’s limited abilities bring more
stress than happiness. Managable power is something that would bring you a

This is truly a beauty of life. Human eyes can just see enough, from a
proper distance. Then you can see a beauty of flower, a beauty of a lovely
woman, a beauty of a sunrise and sunset. God has given the gifts of five
senses to human beings so that he/she can look at the beauty. Not becuase
the creator’s abilities to offer you more power got over. See, if you look
at a beautiful flower from a little distance you may see pure beauty. Try to
take a much closer look and what happens. You may see the details of the
flower but not the flower in entirety. That entirety is truly a beauty.
While going for details we are doing this at the cost of beauty. No wonder
all the
actors and actresses are always worried about the camera close ups and need
to use the cosmetic patches on their faces to make up for the crevices of
the skin. Look at the TV screen closely and you see only the pixels- the
dots, but no picture. God could have given us
even enhanced power if HE felt that it would bring happiness in human life.
I dont know whether you have noticed something, when you go for details it
takes you away from all those divine things- love, beauty, happiness. You
feel tired. Somewhere man started feeling that the human
limits were the limits of God’s creativity. He forgot that God has no
limits. He could have given us all those powers that we are trying to
enhance using the so called modern science. Somewhere we as human beings
have stopped appreciating the environment while having penchant for
detailing. We want to prove that humans have more power than God.

We forget that God only created all chemical elements. Even those like
Uranium and Plutonium and Thorium. All those dangerous, radioactive
elements. But God kept them deep inside the earth. Like a true mother who
keeps the kitchen knife hidden away from the small child, lest it harms him
even by accident. Man forgot this compassionate motherhood of God and
started making bombs from these chemicals killing the fellow human beings
for his own idea of power.

What we really need to do is understand what is provided for us. Leaving our
ego out. And there lies the beauty of creation all around you.We are over
carried with an idea of development without really knowing what that word
means. We feel development is progress. Progress towards
what? Development that does not take us towards Peace and Happiness is truly
a retardation and not progress.

Let all of us think about this.

With lots of love,